XIV. Congress and I. International Congress of the Association of Hungarian Physiotherapists 

13–14 September 2024
Kodály Center – Pécs

Dear colleagues!

The 14th Congress of the Hungarian Association of Physiotherapists, along with the 1st International Conference, is scheduled to be held in Pécs on September 13-14, 2024.

Our congress theme is "We have become adults! 35-25-35!"

Many of our members were not even born in 1989; however, in Hungarian history, 1989–1990 marked the end of the previous system, the existing socialism, and the beginning of parliamentary democracy based on a multi-party system. The reigning government created the 1989 II. law in which it was laid down that the right of Association is a right of freedom for everyone, which the Republic of Hungary recognizes and ensures its undisturbed exercise. Based on the authorization of the cited law, Zsuzsa Gardi was among the first to found and establish the Association of Hungarian Physiotherapists. Since then, we have grown up.

The training of physiotherapists started 25 years ago at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs, based in Pécs, under the guidance of Professor János Kránicz. Since then, the Institute of Physiotherapy and Sports Science has expanded with several departments. The high-quality teaching work is complemented by scientific research. Becoming an adult also allows us to organize an international conference with an English-language section and renowned foreign guest speakers.

College-level physiotherapist training began in Budapest in 1975. The approximately 40 students admitted and graduated each year only further increased the national shortage of physiotherapists. Thirty-five years ago, the first rural physiotherapist training was started in Zalaegerszeg in connection with the University of Pécs. Physiotherapy training has also matured due to the increase in training places and the annual average admission of 1,000 people to the training program, which indicates the growth of doctoral schools and university training in several places.

With pride and celebration, we invite domestic and international physiotherapists, from students to seasoned professionals, to join us in the Mediterranean city of Pécs for our festive congress.

Remember, the Association is for you; it is about you!

Ildikó Balogh, President of the Hungarian Physiotherapist Society

Regarding support for the congress,
please contact the Congress Secretariat: Andrea Székely gyogytornasz@wecotravel.hu, +36 30 370 5685